Donkey Monkey Brown

December 22, 2008

There once was a man named Donkey Monkey Brown. Monkey was Donkey’s middle name. Brown was his last name, but it was also his mother’s maiden name since Donkey never knew his father.

One day Donkey Monkey Brown experienced a shooting pain in his left eye. Donkey Monkey Brown went to the optometrist and said ” Doctor, I have a terrible pain in my left eye.” The optometrist sat down in front of Donkey Monkey Brown and began to examine Donkey’s right eye. Donkey squinted at the doctor and said “my left eye.” The doctor paused for a moment looked down at his hands, rubbed his writing callous, and continued to examine Donkey Monkey’s right eye.

A week later the optometrist had successfully removed Donkey Monkey Brown’s right eye. Donkey Monkey Brown’s left eye still hurts, but Donkey had learned an important lesson.



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